all work and no play : march 18

I gotta say that living in LA, you're solely dependent on your car for everything. Unlike NYC and dare I say it, San Francisco, we cannot survive on public transportation alone. So what does this boil down to? Regular car maintenance. It seems like I'm always at the service department doing one thing or another. What a bitch it is I must say, but I'd rather do that than slack off and get hit with a $5,000 bill later on when the car really breaks down. Saturday mornings should be reserved for sleeping in and reading the paper over breakfast, but there I was at the dealership with my car at 9am sharp. Of course ahead of me was already a procession of cars ready to be waited on. *sigh* No wonder.. "nobody walks in la."

sierra acura
Waiting in line for service...ugh

Today was unseasonably warm and I headed to my favorite town within a town again. K and I must have Japanese food at least twice a week or else we'll perish. Decided to snap a few shots for your viewing pleasure.

First Street - Chop Suey sign

Distant view of Japanese American National Museum

Was going through some old stuff today and found this. She's gonna kill me if she finds out but hey, I had to test out my new scanner ;D Anyway, this gal pictured here was going for the Asian Pacific SuperModel Contest in 1992. She ended up winning Miss Photogenic and she was also crowned something. :) Just some eye-candy for today.


Speaking of my scanner, a big thanks goes out to Long and Nik for spending a whole afternoon here at my house fixing my computer and helping me get my scanner all set up (while I sat nearby eating ramen.) My treat to go see the new Annabel Chong movie, Sex.

Got called out to dinner last minute tonight with a two of my close friends Jane & Mindy. One of them just finished finals and was celebrating with some school buddies, so I got to meet 4 new people tonight. Poor souls, they sure didn't know what was in store for them when I showed up. To make a long story short, the quietest gal sat next to me and I'm sure she couldn't wait to get away from me. ;) Anyway, I snapped a picture of her examining her dinner, a deep fried ice cream. It's always nice to meet new people and to climb out of my antisocial shell once in awhile.

Here's Na (gomen ne if i spelled it wrong) looking intently at her deep fried ice cream.

L to R: Edgar, Min, Na, Cindy & Yue

Of course I went straight home afterwards and settled in safely in front of my computer again. Geek.

bamboo me

Visited Bamboo Ridge today and saw that their books section is up and ready for sale. I in particular am interested in their Bamboo Ridge journal publications, which features an assortment of prose & poetry from various writers.


Another publication that I find of great interest is the Amerasia Journal, published by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. Again, it's another journal publication that features many talented writers that you really shouldn't miss. Here's the info on it: [UCLA's Amerasia Journal is an interdisciplinary forum for research and writing on Asian Americans published since 1971 by the Asian American Studies Center. Issues of this volume are $13.00 plus $4.00 shipping and postage, or a one -year subscription (3 issues) at $35.00.] I used to see these journals for sale at bookstores but normally they are very outdated, so you might as well order it from the source and get the latest issue. There's an Acrobat file to download for much more info. Interesting stuff.

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